This is the 5" x 7.5" Card Host. This site is made for easy management of the cards. There are two options we have to help: direct-linking and the download helper. Visit their pages using the links above.

Also, for short links to the TCG and our host, you can use the purple blocks in the Corners of the first header.

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New Layout (Coding)
I've sort've updated the layout. It's very similar, but different header and different color scheme (although still very blue). I still wanted it to be connected to 5"x7.5" layout, but I didn't want deal with much image editing and such....or even much color-changing. Which means, this is now a php/css layout (or supercharged css layout). Basically, whenever 575 has a new layout, I just change 5 color variables, and recolor 2 images (header and my sig), and I'm done.
That said, if you have any problems with the layout, just send me an email (gmail: dite.tapestry). Also, I'l be making some updates around the site soon.
Posted on 28 Jul 2014 by Dite
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Updated Downloader
I've figured out a way for it to automatically grab variant cards, so I redid the Deck Downloader form (since one checkmark a line seemed pointless).
I also sat down and made an array database of each deck's color, so there's also an option of downloading that deck's color filler as well (ex:If you click the "color filler" checkmark when getting the download for the <b>debt</b> deck, filler_palepink will show up.)

With that, I have a list of all the decks, so I'll be probably add a "Search" page for decks, such as getting a list of decks by the deck color (in case of color-based freebies). I might also finally have an easily-updatable "No Masters" list. It's also nice to just have full deck database readily available.
Posted on 22 Apr 2014 by Dite
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Member Cards Moved
Because it's probably a hassle to have them in a separate folder, I moved all of the membercards to the folder with the rest of the cards (/cards/). Hopefully that'll make things easier. ^_^
Posted on 24 Feb 2014 by Dite
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We're Back Up!
I've updated the Download and Direct-Link sections. We've added a lot more than just the cards, so you should really like all we have. I don't currently have any of the Tips set up, and while the starting pages are linked, neither of them are up. I hope to have it all done this week.
For those of you wondering about it, after trying out 575 on eTCG, I'm putting the 575 manager on hold for now, and focusing on making eTCG easier to use. I've added quite a few mods for it, so if you're interested in any way (you saw something on my post you were curious about, or you just want to know "Is there an easier away to....?"), feel free to post a comment here, send me an email, or reply to my Exposure Forum thread
Posted on 15 Oct 2013 by Dite
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