Direct Linking

The main reason for the subdomain is to have a space with unlimited bandwidth so that members can have all of the cards in the easiest way possible: direct-linking. There are no limits to how many cards you can direct-link, or how many people can direct-link the cards, so feel free to!

Direct Linking Cards

Cate uploads the cards to this subdomain as soon as they come out, so you can always have the updated cards.

All of the cards are uploaded to a single folder: (in the example as .../cards/ to show the 'cards' folder as the last folder)

Use that url for any cards, including membercards (ex: .../cards/promo_garden001.jpg, .../cards/assassins02_var.jpg, .../cards/dite.jpg, etc.)

How To Setup

eTCG: Just set the "Card Directory URL" to our cards URL above, and Disable Auto-Upload.
Marfisa's: If I remember correctly, you just change any "Cards Path" or "Cards URL" to the URL above.
Manual/Other: If you have any place to pre-set a folder, set it to the URL above. If you do the image tags for your cards manually, just make sure to plug that URL in ex: src="".


Every possible filler should be available to use. Most of them (exceptions being color fillers sharing the same name as the theme deck) share the same filename as on the website. Just as a break-down so you know how to find them, I've described each type of fillers.

Deck Specific Fillers[deck].jpg
The official fillers for each specific deck. Has the same color as the deck, and has the deck's name and deck type.
[Example: kirkwall (filler_kirkwall)]

Color-Specific Fillers[color].jpg
Semi-Generic fillers. Made for each of the deck colors. Most are named by their color (ex: filler_grey), while any that would be the same as a deck has "norm" in front of it. [Example: filler_purple is the filler for the Purple themed set, while filler_normpurple is the filler for the normal purple color, as opposed to filler_lightpurple].

Generic & Default Fillers

These are all of the other given fillers. "Default" fillers are simply the fillers named "filler" and "pending", as those are the default names for eTCG's fields. So, if you don't set them specifically, those are what will show up. They are all shown below. Hover over them to see what their filenames are. (the default will be marked as such).

Other Items & How To Use Them (In eTCG)

Here's a list of the other things that are hosted here for direct-linking, and how eTCG users can make them automatic. If you manually update your website, you should just be able to use the URL. If you are using Marfisa's and would like a way for it to automatically use it (can be done using certain card or pending categories), send me an email. I'm happy to help.

Master Badges

We are currently working on making direct-linkable master badges available. For more information, go here.

Aligning Variants

There are three different images to use for non-variant spots to align variants. One is the filler_blank shown above. Another is blank.png (the dotted-line border on the site), and the third is space.gif (a completely transparent gif). All three will be shown with a steelport variant and filler.


How To: Self-explanatory. If nothing else, you should be able to use: <img src=""> x <? echo get_additional('575', 'packs'); ?> See the "Tips" page for a way to do packs and lotto numbers w/ one additional field.

Lotto Numbers

Path:[c_##].png (w/ "c" being the first letter of the colour, and ## being the 2-digit number; ex: y_02)
How To: An easy way to direct-link them AND use an additional field is the following code:
$lotto = get_additional('575','lotto');
$lotto = explode(', ', $lotto);
<? foreach($lotto as $number){echo '<img src="'.$number.'.png"> ';} ?>
See the "Tips" page for a way to do packs and lotto numbers w/ one additional field.

Otaku Stickers

How To: You can do so the same way as membercards for any otaku sections you have, replacing 'membercards' with whatever otaku categories you use, of course. If you'd like a way that separates the doubles, use the following code for your main pile: <?
$trade = get_category('575','otrade');
$trade = explode(', ',$trade);
$tradd = array_diff_assoc($trade, array_unique($trade));
$trade = array_unique($trade);
foreach($trade as $sticker){echo '<img src="'.$sticker.'.jpg" title="'.$sticker.'"> ';}
And, you can have your doubles pile anywhere below it on the page by putting:
<? foreach($tradd as $sticker){echo '<img src="'.$sticker.'.jpg" title="'.$sticker.'"> ';} ?> See "Tips" page for a way to show a collecting set with or without your keeping sections.
Otaku stickers can still be pending and traded, but like the membercards, will not show up (or show up as broken images) in your pending trades section.

Otaku Fillers

If you do any of the stickers manually (or the collecting set from the "Tips" page), you can use the otaku fillers below. There is a generic one, then a bordered one to match each card. The design was made to use the generic for needed stickers, then use the bordered ones as pending. (Like, both visually and filename-wise, you're getting closer to having the card), but you may use them however you like. Hover over the image to see the filename.


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