You may prefer to put your cards on another host--most likely your own. Especially if they are on the same domain as your trade post and you already have most of the decks (shorter urls, but won't take forever). We don't mind. In fact, we'd like to help! This page includes a download helper as well as some Personalizable extras for you to use.

The Download Helper is a great item for those with the DownThemAll! Firefox add-on. You just fill out the form for a deck and you'll be taken to a page with only the cards you need. If filled out correctly (and no error on our part), there will be a deck with no broken links, so you can tell dTa where to put them and not deal with any settings. After the first deck, you can use dTa One Click for the rest, even!

Download Cards

Directions: Just enter the deck name (without 0, promo_, etc.) Check only the sections you want to download (promo, base, etc)--hover over to see what each check means.

Deck Name:

Download Otaku Stickers

List up to five otaku sticker sets you want to download. Leave any unneeded fields blank.

NOTE: As not all of the decks have stickers right now, you may get broken links from decks. If you do, just go back and remove the deck from the list.

Other Downloadables

You may also feel free to download anything on the DLink page, such as fillers or spacers.

In addition, we have a deck check page, that check that you've downloaded everything correctly.
Deck Check: .txt file | Preview
Copy everything and save the page as a php file. You can add your headers and footers to it if you'd like. Make sure to have accurate $url and $otaku. If anything is in the same folder, leave it '';. If not, tell the folder it's in, and be sure to end it with /.
The page has image tags for all five possible variants, but there can only be up to three variants per deck, meaning on the page of a fully downloaded deck, there will still be 2-4 broken images. Just make sure they are only in the variant section. Since not all otaku stickers are uploaded, some decks may have broken images for their otaku stickers. Be sure to check if said deck has broken images on the Sticker Downloader to make sure.


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