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Many people are using eTCG, and while it initially seems like 5"x7.5" doesn't work well with it, there are ways to make it a lot easier to use, and most of the complex parts will be in the setup. So, this page is made to be for eTCG post tips.
I'll also add a few tips for Marfisa's Card Manager over time, but since I tried making a 575 version of it for a while, then switched to eTCG, it'll be on a request basis. Feel free to ask me for help on how to do anything (on the comments or by email), and I'd be happy to help.

eTCG Tips

These are all tips based on eTCG. To start, we have two template/tutorials for you:
Making a 575 Post as a new member
Transferring to eTCG as a current member

These two pages add a lot of what we have below and put them together in a relatively easy setup.

Levels/Ranks/Tokens All in One Additional Field

I update my levels, ranks, and tokens using one additional field. For me, the field is called "level" and says: 4, 125 | 6, 11250 | dragonage2, leagueoflegends, princessai, saiyuki
What does that mean? With this code, it means that I'm at Rank 4 and will be at rank 5 at 125 masteries; I'm level 6, and will be level 7 at 11250 cards, and that I have 4 tokens. I can put this on my page however I want. I've set it up so that my rank and level change my badge (by pre-uploading all of my badges with numbers, then putting the variable in place of the number), my required level and ranks are by my current counts so that I can tell at a glance if I've leveled/ranked up, and I have a code so that all of my tokens show up.

To make it so you can update your levels, ranks, and cycles with one additional field, add this code somewhere to your page: $level = get_additional($tcg,'level');
$level = explode(" | ", $level);
$rank = explode(", ", $level[0]);
$page = explode(", ", $level[1]);
if(!empty($level[2])){$cycle = explode(", ", $level[2]);}
After that, anywhere you want to put your info, put the following code into it, replacing $variable with the variable in the table, depending on what you want to display: <? echo $variable; ?>

Information Variable
Level $page[0]
Level Up Req $page[1]
Rank $rank[0]
Rank Up Req $rank[1]

Tokens are a bit different. Because $cycle is an array, the other code won't work. To display your tokens, use this code: <?if(!empty($cycle)){ foreach($cycle as $token){echo '<img src="'.$token.'.png"> ';}} ?> If you don't have any tokens, just keep that part blank in your additional field.

Packs and Lotto Numbers in One Additional Field

A simpler version of the Levels/Ranks/Tokens; I use one "items" additional field to update my pack count and lotto numbers. It tends to look like this: 18 | y_02, b_02, g_01
I update my packs by changing the number on the left (I currently have 18 packs), and whenever I get a new lotto bonus number, I just add it to the list on the right (after the winning numbers have been posted for the month, I remove them so only the new ones show).

To make it so you can update both with one additional field, add this code somewhere to your page: $items = get_additional($tcg,'items');
$items = explode(" | ", $items);
if(!empty($items[1])){$lotto = explode(", ", $items[1]);}
After that, you just display them.

There are two ways to display your packs: as a count, and as a pile. I'll show you each (with 5 packs), and give the code.
x 5 <img src=""> x <? echo $items[0]; ?>

<? $i = 0; while($i<$items[0]){echo '<img src=""> '; $i++;} ?>

Showing your lotto numbers is a lot like showing tokens. You use this code:
<?if(!empty($lotto)){ foreach($lotto as $bonus){echo '<img src="'.$bonus.'.png"> ';}} ?> When you don't have any lotto numbers, just keep that side of the code empty (ex: "5 | "). It shouldn't show anything.


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